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Plant Power to The People

We specialise in making and improving the essential building blocks for plant based cuisine. We are interested in how fermentation adds and changes flavour to our food as well as improving our bodies ability to absorb these foods. We like to cater with our products, fusing them with styles and flavours to extend and inspire our appreciation of Vegan food culture.

We began as fermenters, making our own organic soy Tempeh. We were motivated by the poor quality of commercially made Tempeh that was shipped large distances and pasteurised. Many people have had disappointing experiences with poor quality Tempeh. We aim to change this.

Freshly made Tempeh is incomparable to commercially made Tempeh fermented in plastic bags. We carefully ferment our Tempeh in stainless steel pans in small batches using insulated water baths to maintain perfect temperatures and controlled humidity. This makes perfect Tempeh.

Pasteurising Tempeh removes its unique aromas and compromises it’s texture. The subtle nutty, mushroomy aromas in fresh Tempeh are incomparable to the mass produced, commercial Tempeh experience.

We focussed initially on making excellent Tempeh, because we were impressed with its taste, texture and versatility in Vegan cuisine. Tempeh is an excellent source of plant protein that is very easy to digest making you feel comfortably full for long periods of time.

We began making Tempeh ourselves at home on a very small scale over 10 years ago. We go to great lengths to ethically source the best Organic Soybeans from real Fair Trade partnerships and the very best Tempeh culture.

We also make non-soy Tempeh with organic sunflower seeds, organic black beans, organic chickpeas and British legumes like red haricot beans. The culturing process changes the flavour profile of these legumes and opens up new ways to enjoy proteins and partner them with fresh vegetables.